Preventive health care digital system


Application for effective
work with patients


a smart assistant that allows you to do
your job more efficiently

Up to 50% reduction of actions when working with a patient

Uniform data storage format for each patient

One tool for communication with all patients

Automated process of interaction with patients

Simultaneous management of an unlimited number of patients

The ability to advertise
professional profile
to attract patients

Increase in the number of patients

Increase in active income


Only in


The set of monitors in our app is selected according to a unique methodology that allows you to judge the patient’s mitochondrial health


The app is aimed at prolonging a full-fledged healthy life by monitoring health state  changes and helping to prevent potential health issues


It is possible to assign and control individual reference values for the patient in the app


The app provides storage of all patient data, including those obtained from wearable devices, in a single format


The app allows the doctor to set tasks for the patient, having access to his record


The app processes the received data and presents it in graphs to track the dynamics of the patient’s health


The app allows the patient to undergo a screening test and presents an integral indicator of his health to the doctor, displaying the dynamics of changes


The app notifies the doctor if any parameter goes beyond the reference values

And more than 50 other useful functions

Download the app

and become a health ambassador
By registering in this app, you receive the status of health ambassador of the Mymedhub company. All Mymedhub health ambassadors are doctors and confirm their qualifications and specialization with the relevant documents.

Get detailed advice on how the app works


For doctors of which specialization is the MMH app intended?

The app is useful for doctors of any specialization working on the principles of integrative health care.

Can I make prescriptions and give recommendations to a patient directly through the MMH app?

The app allows you to create tasks, prescriptions and recommendations for the patient and, most importantly, control their implementation.

How many patients does the MMH app store?

The app allows you to simultaneously manage an unlimited number of patients.

Can I track patients' health parameters via the MMH app?

The app collects data on the patients’ health parameters continuously, through integration with wearable devices, allowing the patient to enter the measurement results (blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, pH and ketones in urine, etc.) on a daily basis and to make notes on the fulfillment of tasks (taking medications and supplements, adherence to the drinking regime), as well as allowing to periodically enter the results of laboratory and physiological tests. The collected data is processed automatically by the app and presented in graphs. The information received by the app becomes available to the doctor selected by the patient.

Will I be able to attract new patients with the MMH app?

The app contains mechanisms and technologies for attracting patients to a doctor. It is a database of already registered patients who are potential clients.

How much memory do I need in my phone for the MMH app to work optimally?

The app stores all information about patients on a secure server of our company, which helps to save the phone memory of users.

Does the MMH app provide data security?

The app provides operation in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

How much can I optimize my patient follow-up time using the MMH app?

The app allows you to reduce routine operations through automation – it gives more than 30% reduction in time spent.

Can I use the MMH app to make appointments with patients?

The app allows you to make appointments and it will remind you of the time of your appointments.

Can a patient upload data to the MMH app prior to his first appointment?

The system allows the user to download the results of previous laboratory and physiological tests into a special section to ensure the safety of information and, if necessary, to provide access to the selected doctor.

Do I have to manually enter patient’s data into the MMH app?

There are two versions of the app: for doctors and for patients. Patient’s data is collected continuously automatically from wearable devices, some data are recorded by the patient himself, and laboratory tests results are entered by the partner lab automatically.

Can I track patients' lifestyle information through the MMH app?

The app automatically collects and demonstrates data on the patient’s motor activity over the past day, tracks the implementation of recommendations during training (pulse, time, distance, pauses), monitors sleep time and quality, the level of stress for the previous day, the number of calories burned, monitors the implementation of recommendations for keeping diet and taking medications, supplements and water.

Why would the patient choose me out of all the doctors in the MMH app?

The app allows the doctor to post information about his professional activities and experience. Based on the results of the patient filling out a screening test (digital health avatar), the app recommends a particular doctor to the patient.

How many patients can I care for via the MMH app at the same time?

The app has no restrictions on the number of patients to support.

Is the MMH app only accessible from a mobile phone?

The app is available in mobile version only to ensure the mobility of users and the efficiency of interaction between the doctor and the patient.

Where shall I address if I have questions about using the MMH app?

The company’s technical support service works 24/7 to resolve all possible issues of our users. Call us on 8 800 300 56 30 or send us an e-mail to, you can also use our feedback form.

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